Sticky post - switching to 'friends only'

Hi all

In light of events, in my home life not fandom, all of my personal and fic journal entries are now 'friends only'. 

Here you will find much fangirling over Supernatural/J2.  If you would like me to friend you, please comment here or PM me. I don’t bite (unless of course you’re into that sort of thing)

I'm not making any flist-cuts, I'm just changing the way I run my journal from now on.

Liz x

PS:  If I post new fic, it'll be kept live for approximately two weeks before being friends locked.  Oh and if you are here for fic, I have a fanfiction Masterpost which you can find by clicking on the link on the top left of my journal.  The fics are 99.99% Supernatural/J2.


Big Bang 2012 - POLL

iiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee I've signed up for Big Bang. I knew I was going to do it and yet I'm still pacing my room muttering "what have I done?"

And so, gentle Flist, I want to tell you now that for Big Bang this year I'm writing a J2 period drama

Poll #1810981 J2 Period Drama

Does the thought of a J2 period drama make you go...

Instantly imagine Jared & Jensen running across the moors in billowing open white shirts

Merry Phlegmy Christmas

So everyone here is sick, like all of us coughing and spluttering over each-other. We're having a gross cold-filled week but hoping it'll be gone by Christmas Eve so that we can get back to enjoying ourselves.

Thank you so so so much to everyone who has sent cards/gifts/v-gifts for me and the Smurf, I really do appreciate it.

BTW I'm still taking ficlet prompts!  You can read the ones I've already completed HERE and there's a link to the prompt post there too.  I am super slow at writing so I'm taking prompts right up until Xmas and will post replies over the next couple of weeks (yep it takes me that long to write, sorry guys).  I'd love some Sam/Dean prompts or SPN Gen prompts - if that tickles your fancy then please send them my way.

Hope everyone else is having a super week.  *hugs*

Prompts abound

I'm still taking prompts here so please come and prompt me!  I'll be replying to prompts right up until Christmas Day - I was only going to do this for two days but it's fun and a nice way to get back into a fanfic frame of mind.

Completed so far:

Jared has to manhandle a drunk Jensen into bed, written for locknkey

Fans adopt two donkeys and give them to Jared & Jensen at a convention, written for pippi

Jared is a mute orphen at the Ackles Home for the Young and Destitute, written for devon99

Fic Meme

Seen on LOADSA journals.

My muse is beyond stubborn lately but this looks like fun...and it'll give my muse a good kick up the backside.  I'll be replying to all the prompts over the Christmas period.

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I will give you 1-3 sentences from or about it.

SPN or J2!

Holiday Podfics!!!

The very talented and gorgeously toned (vocally I mean, although I'm sure she has great abs too lol) applegeuse has recorded a series of holiday themed podfics! 

She's been awesome enough to include "Twas The Night Before Christmas" in the collection.  Please go and check them all out by clicking HERE - if her podfics can't get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing can.

I suggest listening with a large mug of hot chocolate, or in my case, a gingerbread latte. Festive bliss!

It's Wishlist time again

Flisty friends please link me to your wishlist if you have one - wish_list .  It's such an awesome concept and I'd love to try and help out as many people as possible.

PS: There is actual fanfic simmering right now...I'm actually writing again...I'm typing actual words onto a Word document and it faintly resembles fic \0/!!!!  I'm planning to post at the beginning of December as it's part of a SPN/J2 fanfic Xmas exchange.

Hey you guyssssss

I'm having a long distance love affair with LJ and Supernatural lately, I still adore show like a trooper but real-life is so busy/hectic/nutso that I simply don't have time to visit as often as I would like.

That said, when things quieten down for me I'm sure I'll be back posting fic and commenting with gusto. I miss EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

cherry916 has been an absolute superstar today and made a PDF of 'Bars At My Window' which is an oldie but a fic that was one of my first attempts at multi-chapter J2.  I'm so very grateful to her. You can download all eight chapters and the timestamp here.

Hopefully I'll be back real soon but THIS sums up 'me versus real-life' at the moment.


A flisty thank you

Massive thanks to pippi for the paid user time! Seriously thank you so so much!!!*hugs*

Giant thanks also to cyndrarae for the yummy V-Gift! (LJ won't let me type your name properly *shakes fist at LJ*)
skagtrendy  and devon99 thank you both so much for the gorgeous gifts that came
through the post (Sairah, the Smurf lurves his book) - you girls made me teary-eyed and I love you lots! I reckon we need a meet-up, with beer/wine/beverage of your choice so I can give you a real hug.

And Moose-sized thanks to[info]bflyw, [info]moviegeek03 [info]pkg8416 for the lovely birthday wishes. Not forgetting the lovely ace_p and Cherry916 (LJ is having a tantrum and won't let me put your names in correctly iiiieeee)

Gawd I hope I didn't forget anyone, if I did you have permission to give me a papercut and then pour lemon juice on it.

32 is treating me well so far. Just nipped to a funfair at a local park with Ryan, the Smurf is only four but he was wayyyy braver than me on the rides which has lead me to this conclusion: older = wussier.


A fanfic writer's disclaimer

A recent post by one of my friends brought to light some Big Bang comments made over at spnanonhaven.

Not one to be accused of being nosy I trundled straight over there and read the ones made about my Big Bang 2011 offering 'Weird Science'.  There wasn't anything too soul-destroying and honestly I was kinda expecting things along the lines of 'Blueyedliz sucks nah nah na nah nahhhh' and other variations but here (for anyone interested) is my response....

Last year and this year have been pretty tough for me emotionally and I find that I do struggle with writing fanfic now. However, that's not an excuse for producing bad fic and offloading it on unsuspecting LJ'ers. I don't think 'Weird Science' is a shit's just not nearly as awesome as I hoped it would be.

But ho hum, you make the best of what you've got right? This year's Big Bang was fun to write and it gave me something nice to focus on for a few months.

Anyway, I felt like I needed to post a disclaimer on my LJ warning readers that they may be subjected to substandard writing depending upon the status of my social/love life.

Let it be made clear that I'm not a great writer, I'm not even a good writer, if you want literary genius run away now. I write for fun and in the vague hope that someone might share that fun with me. I'm genuinely sorry if I've ever disappointed anyone.