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Supernatural & J2 Fanfic Masterlist

This Masterlist is currently under construction and not all links are live yet - but don't worry, I'm slowly getting my lazy ass in gear.


Sychronise Watches - comment fic meme, based on the prompt: Flashmob-coordinator!Jared, cynical-reporter!Jensen

Twas The Night Before Christmas - comment fic meme, based on the prompt: Santa'sElf!Jared, Dad-Of-Santa-Obsessed-Child!Jensen

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly - Holiday-stress induced fighting almost ruins what should be a very merry Christmas for Jared and Jensen. Non-AU J2, written for SPN_J2 Xmas.

I'm Such A Fool For You - The filming of the premiere for Season 5 is well underway, Dean doesn't like Sam very much at the moment and off-screen things aren't looking much brighter for Jared and Jensen either.

Testing The Water - Baywatch J2 AU (Yeah, I know).  Surfer Jared meets lifeguard Jensen on Venice Beach but a trouble-causing Chad threatens to screw things up before they even get started

The Widower Ackles - Written for longsufferingly's prompt:  1800s J2 AU involving Jared being the guy who takes care of widower Jensen's child.

Kings of Queens Jared and Jensen are lifelong friends growing up together in Queens, New York. Jensen has a basketball scholarship and a shot at a new, better, life but it means leaving everyone behind and that includes Jared.  The boys are the same age in this story.

Party Hearty -Jared’s just an ordinary college kid with a part-time job at a comic book store but when he goes to Misha’s fancy dress party and meets a green-eyed hunk dressed as Zorro his life becomes a lot more interesting.

Friends Who Listen
- Misha Collins runs a support group for troubled souls called ‘Friends Who Listen’.  It is not and nor has it ever been a dating agency so someone really needs to break the news to Jared and Jensen.  Jared has an addictive personality and a drink problem, Jensen is neurotic and has a Chad problem and this....this is a story about first times and finding love in unexpected places

Of Downy Soft Pillows & Your Face Next to Mine - J2 drabble based on Devon99's prompt, 'lazy Sunday mornings'.

Lies & Alibis - based on the prompt 'Jared suffers from a cronic illness, worried!Jensen ensues.  Hurt_Comfort Meme.

Black is The Night - based on the prompt 'Jared gets attacked by a stranger and Jensen finds him afterwards.  Hurt_Comfort Meme.

Bittersweet Boulevard (WIP)- Series of one-shots written for the prompt 'Jeff/Jared whore kink'.  Each part can be read as a stand alone.  Part One.

Licence to ThrillA chance encounter with Daniel Craig (!!!!) brings Jared so much more than he was ever expecting.  Daniel/Jared, hints of Jared/Jensen, porn and dom/sub.

In Which Jared Discovers He's An Idiot And Jensen Whole Heartedly Agrees - So maybe Jared squishes Misha with his car on purpose.  First in the 'In Which' Verse.

In Which Jared Discovers He's Flammable and Jensen Channels Smokey Bear - Jared decides that going camping sounds like a good idea and Jensen is not a happy camper.  Second in the 'In Which' Verse.

In Which Jared is Sick and Jensen is The Best Cure
Jared is sick but it's Jensen who is suffering.  Third in the 'In Which' VersePart One, Part Two.

Awakenings - Written for the blindfold_spn kink meme, based on this prompt:  Jared gets roofied. Misha and Jensen argue over tucking him in bed or taking advantage of him. One of them decides to take advantage.  Warnings for poorly attempted porn.


Johnson High School Blues Verse
 (WIP) - Jared is a star player on his high school football team and Jensen is the cheerleader he’s dating.  Nobody knows about them, yet. Part One, Part Two,
Part Three

High Spirits
 (WIP - awaiting time-stamp) - Jensen is engaged to Danneel but during a weekend break at an old - supposedly haunted - hotel in Texas Jensen meets someone who turns his life upside down and steals his heart.   This story is a J2 retelling of the 1988 movie 'High Spirits'.  Part One, Part Two

You Can't Always Get What You Want (cofic written with Heatherofnight & Scarlettraven9) - Jared and Jensen are living unfulfilled lives due to family obligations.  Will a bet that Jensen makes lead them to true love or heartbreak.  Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight.

Wine Slips In My Mouth SometimesThe pressure of fame doesn't seem to touch Jared.  He's always smiling, always at the centre of everything, the strong one - the one Jensen leans on.  The problem is that Jared isn't coping, not without a bottle of vodka, tequila or fuck, even wine to keep him from slipping under.  No Jared's not coping, not at all.  Part One, Part Two.

Broken (cofic written with Heatherofnight & Scarlettraven9) - Jared was trying to escape the past by going away to college.  Now with the help of his friend Chad and a hot waiter named Jensen maybe he might be able to live again. Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six.

Bars At My Window - Jared Padalecki, guilty of auto theft, is put away in San Quentin.  Jensen Ackles takes it upon himself to instruct the younger man in the brutal protocals of San Quentin and the stratagies essential for survival.  A friendship born of mutal need becomes so much more and what they'll both come to learn is that prison is no place for a love story - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Epilogue

No Exceptions (cofic written with matty_parkman) - In 1990's Vancover, Jared Padalecki sends ripples through Canada's media when he tries to take his boyfriend, Jensen Ackles, to his Catholic high school prom.  Based loosly on the film: 'Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story' - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Epilogue.


Blood Of My Blood - This is tagged as a 'gen' fic but really it's a squint to see it Wincest fic. Written for the hurt/sick Sam meme prompt - When Dean went to hell, Sam self-destructed in a way completely unrelated to demons/Lilith etc.  Warnings for themes of drug abuse/addiction. 

In Your Eyes Awaits The Tireless Hunger - Sam's broken but Dean will always find a way to mend the shattered pieces.  Warning for dark fic, scenes of non/dub con and underage. 
Part One, Part TwoPart Three

Hosanna In Excelsis
- Satyr : a type of demon or supernatural being who inhabits waste places. Roguish, subversive and dangerous, they are intent on instinctively seeking physical pleasure and gratification.  Warnings for implied non/dub con. 

You Can't Tear His Temple Down
Dean hates witches, except for when he doesn’t.  A witch’s curse brings new light to the brothers’ relationship.  Spoilers for Season 3 – takes place immediately after ‘Mystery Spot’.

Dark & Deadly - Written for the blindfold_spn kink meme, based on this prompt:  dark!boys (more lovable-serial-killer dark than demon dark though please) with incest kink. They totally get off on disgusting people with it. Bonus if it's some girl who was hitting on one of the boys & totally got led on for a while. Warnings - 
 Hard NC/17 – wincest, bottom!Sam, blood, violence, swearing, – nasty stuff.  This isn’t Disney, people.  ‘Danger, Will Robinson.’

Hard Words Softly Spoken -
The brothers don’t talk like they used to.  Drabble tag for Episode 4.18.

Everything I Am Begins And Ends With You -
Season 2, AU. There were once two lonely hunters, who met and fell in love.  Winner of the Sinchester Award for 'Best Slash Short', March 2009. Part OnePart Two, Part Three, Part Four.

Cast Your Light Upon My Shadow - SPN AU. When the YED took Mary’s life, he gave each of the brothers a gift back in return. Something which would give them both a key role in his plans.   Sam/Dean pairing. Warnings - Implied character death.
Part One, Part Two.

Velvet Rope - Sometimes Sam needs reminding who he belongs to.  Somewhat porny, breathplay fic.


All of my SPN Gen stories are available at my Fanfiction.Net profile (which contains gen and only gen).  You can find it here.  Last time I looked, I'd done 29 gen stories - although some of the oldest ones are from my early days as a writer and somewhat dodgy. :D