blueeyeddemonliz (blueeyedliz) wrote,

Hey you guyssssss

I'm having a long distance love affair with LJ and Supernatural lately, I still adore show like a trooper but real-life is so busy/hectic/nutso that I simply don't have time to visit as often as I would like.

That said, when things quieten down for me I'm sure I'll be back posting fic and commenting with gusto. I miss EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

cherry916 has been an absolute superstar today and made a PDF of 'Bars At My Window' which is an oldie but a fic that was one of my first attempts at multi-chapter J2.  I'm so very grateful to her. You can download all eight chapters and the timestamp here.

Hopefully I'll be back real soon but THIS sums up 'me versus real-life' at the moment.

Tags: bars, flist, pdf, real-life
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