blueeyeddemonliz (blueeyedliz) wrote,

Merry Phlegmy Christmas

So everyone here is sick, like all of us coughing and spluttering over each-other. We're having a gross cold-filled week but hoping it'll be gone by Christmas Eve so that we can get back to enjoying ourselves.

Thank you so so so much to everyone who has sent cards/gifts/v-gifts for me and the Smurf, I really do appreciate it.

BTW I'm still taking ficlet prompts!  You can read the ones I've already completed HERE and there's a link to the prompt post there too.  I am super slow at writing so I'm taking prompts right up until Xmas and will post replies over the next couple of weeks (yep it takes me that long to write, sorry guys).  I'd love some Sam/Dean prompts or SPN Gen prompts - if that tickles your fancy then please send them my way.

Hope everyone else is having a super week.  *hugs*
Tags: flist, prompt, real-life
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