BIG BANG 2011 - Weird Science Masterpost



Fic title:
Weird Science
Author name: blueeyedliz 
Artist name: blueish_like 
Genre: RPS AU
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG/13
Word count: +23,000
Warnings: Some swearing, mild violence, mentions of homophobia, scenes of a sexual nature, robot lovin'...just kidding.
Summary: High school losers in life, Jensen and Chad find new meaning when they use Jensen's computer to create the perfect guy. The only problem is, Jensen never expected to fall in love with his creation. Based on the extra-cheesy 1980's movie 'Weird Science'.
Link to fic: part one, part two, part three
Link to art post: here
Download PDF: here (4shared) or here (Megaupload - thanks to bflyw )

The important rambly bit

This story is dedicated to jjinmo_356 who had a prompt, many many moons ago, which gave me the inspiration to write this. Thank you hon!

Huge thanks to blueish_like who was a total pleasure to work with, she has captured the true heart of the story with her wonderful artwork.

Big thanks and squishing hugs to my amazing beta-cheerleading team vinylreckoning , alienat , cherry916 and dontknowmyname who not only kicked my sorry, gramatically challenged, British arse (ass) into shape but also gave me some brilliant rays of hope whenever I doubted myself or the story.

Finally, last but not least, thanks to wendy  and thehighwaywoman 
for giving us another year of Big Bang fun and frolics. You've done an amazing job once again. x


 Brought to you by the letters 'OMG' and 'YAY' as part of [info]spn_j2_bigbang 2011

Clown V Sam

Mwah ha ha....I found this amusing.

Just watched this and found it most grin making!

Flisty friends - can you point me in the direction of any Supernatural/J2 fun? Funny vids, fics, pics...anything.  I've had a sucky time in my telenovela real-life lately and anything humorous would turn my frown upside down. 

Thank you! 

EDIT: Also, THIS!!!! Which I can't embed : ( but can at least rec : ) there's a whole bunch of them to watch too \0/


Wincest Fic - Just beyond the sunset, someone waits for me 1/1

Title: Just beyond the sunset, someone waits for me 1/1
Author: Blueeyedliz
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG/13 – some bad language
Words: 2,100+
Author’s Notes: Mentions of character death, shamelessly based on the movie ‘Charlie St Cloud’. End quote by David Harris and title by Dylan Thomas. Huge thanks to sylvanelfqueen  for being a most excellent beta, any remaining mistakes are my own.
Summary: Every day at sunset, Dean Winchester keeps a promise to his brother. AU from episode 2.21

Collapse )


That's it, I've gone and done it....I've signed up for Big Bang 2011. I'm really excited in a just threw up in my mouth kinda way.  Sorry for the mental image if you're eating your tea while you read this. /0\

I don't know what I'm going to do without dontknowmyname who was such a wonderful co-writer last year...I'm not awesome at writing large amounts of fic all on my lonesome but I'm looking forward to the challenge.  Wonder what I'll look like with several bald spots and an eye-tick by the time the May deadline comes around?

I need a suitably flaily Big Bang icon!  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Good luck to everyone on my Flist who has signed up too! Wanna join me in a banshee wail of glee/horror?

PS: I'm moving back in with my parents next month, I'm possibly the lamest 31-year-old who ever lived.

Points at icon

I'll never, ever get bored of Mark and Robbie know everything we 'wish' we could catch J2 doing?  These guys do it, bar the shagging since they're both straight but they hug and kiss and generally turn my ovaries into mush.  I freakin love them.

In other news my J2 Big Bang is almost 5k, which is super speedy considering I really struggle to get my muse working these days.

Gifts to my flist - Comment fic meme

I've been wanting to do this for agesssssss but as I finally have an apartment which I'll be moving into in the next few days (yay, yay and thrice yay) I'm starting to feel positive and as though it's something I can (and will) do.

Please leave a pairing (J2 or SPN) and a prompt as a comment to this post and I will reply with either a one line drabble, a ficlet or a link to a full-length fic.  Due to my brain, I usually can only write Jared/Sam centric stuff but I will try to write Jensen/Dean ones if requested.

This post will be a sticky-post and I'll be posting replies between now and Christmas.  One request only please.

Fine print: *cough* I know I've asked for prompts in the past and not managed to deliver much, well, this time everyone will get something.  If you want something a bit kinky you are more than welcome to leave an anon comment (I won't be able to write beastiality or anything where one of the guys wear a nappy *shudders*).  Please do not feel cheated if you get a one-line drabble and someone else gets a long really depends on what sparks my generally damp muse-fuse.